If you would like to upgrade or downgrade your account follow the next steps:

1. Log in into TickerTarget, a dashboard with a menu will come up on the left side of your screen.

2. On the menu, click "My Subscription"

3. A page displaying your account details will come up. Scroll down until reaching the "Subscription totals" header. 

4. Under Subscription Totals an orange button labeled "Upgrade or Downgrade" will display.

5. Click on the orange button labeled "Upgrade or Downgrade".

6. A page displaying all of our subscription options will come up with an option bar for you to choose your subscription.

7. For choosing your subscription, click on the arrow pointing down to choose the plan you would like to sign up for.

8. After choosing your plan click the plan you would like to subscribe. Make sure it displays in the options bar.

9. Click the "Sign Up Now" orange button to subscribe to your new plan.